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Meet Charlie, now known as Charlie Wigglebutts. Charlie is one of the newest members of Las Vegas Boxer Rescue. 
This sweet young pup is only 2 years old.
Charlie's family were moving out of state and decided to advertise on Craig's List for a new home for him. They quickly found what seemed to be a loving family for him. A short time later, the day they were actually leaving town, they decided to stop by and say one last goodbye to Charlie in his new home. What they found was horrifying! 
The new family had packed up and left. The house was completely empty, except for one thing, CHARLIE! This so called loving family, who had adopted Charlie had left him there without food or water and living in his own feces and urine! As you can see from the photos, he is skin and bone with sores over his body. His originally owner, in absolute shock, took him straight to LVBR. Safely in our care, he was taken straight to our vet and given a thorough examination. 
Needless to say, we at LVBR were all as disgusted, heartbroken and shocked, as you all are now reading this story.
The good news, is that Charlie Wigglebutts is expected to make a FULL RECOVERY. 
In fact, he is doing so well that he is in a foster home now where he will continue to recieve everything he needs to get him back to full health. He will also recieve the love and nurturing he so deserves and once he is completely recovered, mentally and physically, he will be ready to have a forever family. One that will give him the commitment, loyalty and love which he deserves, for the remainder of his life.
LVBR understands that we are responsible for all the Boxers that come into our rescue. However, we can't do any of this without the support and generosity of our Boxer loving friends. If you are able to donate to Charlie Wigglebutts, we would really appreciate it.

If you would like to donate to Charlie, you can do so one of a few ways. You can click the donate button

 or you can call in donations over the phone directly to our Veterinary Clinic by calling Park Animal Hospital at (702)361-5850 and telling them it is for Charlie Wigglebutts of the Las Vegas Boxer Rescue.

As always, LVBR and Charlie Wigglebutts, thanks you in advance for your support.

To see his news story, click the HERE.


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Our rescue is home to more than a dozen boxers at any given time. Every boxer that comes to us is checked out by local veterinarians to make sure they are healthy enough to go right into their foster homes and start their healing process. We believe in utilizing some of the best foster homes for our dogs so that they can continue their socialization with people, children, and other animals.

It's takes a lot of love, hard work and dedication, but the animals make every day a joy for us!